Any ideas on fixing this ?

frenchmen /

Hi people,

I just broke the left screw on the exhaust port of a '79 Magnum. Since these screws seem to be a part of the cylinder module, I'm left to wonder if I'll need to replace the whole thing. Not much of a problem right now. It runs great and not that noisy, but I think It'll be problematic soon...

Thanks for any help...

-ride in peace-

Ze Frenchmen

Re: Fixable

You will most likely have to pull the cylinder, but that is a common repair than a motorcycle or automotive machine shop can do.

Don't run it like that too long. An exhaust leak can lead to the engine seizing.


Re: Any ideas on fixing this ?

david f martin /

Take off the cylinder and take it to a good shop. They can take the broken stud out and install a new one. Should be lots cheaper than a whole new unit.


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