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Long Beach Island residents use mopeds to get around high gas costs

Published: Thursday, May 15, 2008

SHIP BOTTOM - They rule the island. On 50cc Tomos mo-peds plastered with the stickers of local businesses - "I Love Marko," owner of the Wave Hog Surf Shop; "Lex Mex Restaurant" and the "Surf Shack" - these three teenagers stand with their feet on the pavement clutching black helmets. They chose two wheels instead of four, mo-peds that get 106

miles to each gallon of gas.

Statistics provided by the state Motor Vehicle Commission, or MVC, however, show that there has been a decrease in drivers registering mopeds in New Jersey.

In 2005, 2,981 mopeds were registered, and in 2008 that number decreased to 2,613. But motorcycle registrations have steadily increased over the last three years with 142,768 in 2005 and 152,691 this year.

State MVC spokesman Kevin Cranston said there is no way he could definitively say the increase in gas prices is leading to more individuals obtaining motorcycle licenses and registrations.

For now, Oswald said he isn't thinking about getting a car or a motorcycle, it's a moped for him, especially with the increasing price of gas.

Re: NJ and mopeds

Wait and see how fast peds and scooters become the new fad. Not a dopey fad.

We'll see more. Same thing happened in the early 70's during the OPEC oil embargo. I can remember people were riding around on them and is one of the reasons I got interested in them. I just never owned one until a year ago.

Re: NJ and mopeds

see, more evidence that new jersey fucking rulez.

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