Bike Theft

Hello riders..

Im thinking about purchasing a bike for warm weather, to help cut back on this high priced gas. :( Im thinking about getting a Tomos Streetmate, but I don't want anybody to steal it, but im sure somebody will want to. The Streetmate only starts with a key, but if I do get one im thinking about purchasing two locks, one for the back wheel, and another for the front. Locking the back wheel to a structure, and locking the front wheel to the body somehow. I don't want to put out $1600 for something and have it gone... What do you guys think? Any advice?


Re: Bike Theft

Get a nice thick u-lock and or chain with a padlock. Also, keeping it under a cover will help to deter theft as the would-be thief can't "case" the bike beforehand and won't know exactly what' under there. Also, try the search function at the top of the page, this subject comes up at least weekly.

Re: Bike Theft

get a kryptonite chain lock. if someone cuts the chain, they will pay up to like 1500 buck or something. google kryptonite locks and youll find some more info.

Re: Bike Theft

I don't know how good you are with electrical, but a hidden master switch isn't a bad idea. Make it easily accessible but not easily found. If you don't hit the switch, nothing on the bike gets power. You could also do something as simple as loosening the plug wire.

It also can't hurt to have some 'hidden' identification markings on the bike incase it does get stolen, you can tell police to look for the markings you made.

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