What do you guys think about the Panda trail 70

Hey I was just recently looking at the panda trail 70s and they look pretty cool. The dealer said that these bikes are identical to the honda trail 70s. He said that panda bought the rights to the bike or something. Im wondering how true this is. And another thing in the little brochure he gave me it says that the displacement is 49.5cc. I dont understand this. I thought by it being called a trail 70 that it would be a 70cc bike. Educate me. And he gave me a price of $1350. Seems a little pricey to me but im used to getting old mopeds out of peoples garages for cheap.


Re: What do you guys think about the Panda trail 7


Panda is a Chinese copy of the old CT-70`S I think Honda may own part of Panda. I beleive the quality is right there with the originals, but i have never owned

one. They have all kinds of hop parts for them. Like 80cc big bore kits and, beleive it or not!! A "Supercharger" !! They also have electric start!

I don`t understand the 49cc part? That don`t make sense?

They also have a copy of the old Z-50`S which should have 49cc cylinders on them?

But, they are not MOPEDS EITHER!!! LOL!!


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