Sparta Rear Tire alignment? Help

Ok , so ive been trying to get this right for a while. I cant for the life of me figure it out. I have 3 sparta's but they all have had tires replaced or rims ect so i cannot answer my own ?

I have tried for hours to get the rear tire aligned and i cant figure it out. I strongly suspect this is due to my not knowing as much about the ped part of moped, but im also starting to think im missing a spacer or something.

I can get it so the tire is centered in the front but in the back on the left side, the tire is way too close to rear feder on the left side and way off on the right. Its hitting when i go over bumps and its caused the chain to pop off once when i hit a bump, so im thinking i gotta phone a friend...

any spacers that went back there? can someobody look at thier bike and tell me what they have going on?

putting a puch wheel on or even a moby is so easy lol

Re: Sparta Rear Tire alignment? Help

Q. Am i missing a spacer of some sort on the left side? Right side? Who am I?

Never mind the last ?

Re: Sparta Rear Tire alignment? Help


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