easy fix?

so this guy claims it is not running but "an easy fix"


What should I look for when I go and look at it to tell if it actually would be?

what are some signs its going to be a bitch?

also can anyone tell what model moped it is from the crappy pic?


Re: easy fix?

Ah, another Sachs! Looks like a Columbia Commuter, ( basically a Westlake with different side covers). Sachs is pretty easy to work on and most parts are available. It would be a good reliable bike once it's fixed. If it turns over it will likely be an easy fix. The carbs are a "square" Bing and pretty basic. The ignition comes in to varieties: Motoplat, and Bosch. The Bosch system is simple and nearly identical to puch. I've never dealt with the Motoplat but I hear they are a lot more difficult. Still, I can't see it being that bad to work on and there is a good knowledge base here. The only down side is that there is not a great variety of performance parts available. It will be a great daily rider but probably not a speed machine unless you want to spend big $$$.

Re: easy fix?

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