Kinetic Mopeds

Any info on these would be great, such as where to get the manual, buy parts, overall quality, expected life time, personal experiences. I've searched the forums and found some good info, but I'm looking for more.


Re: Kinetic Mopeds

Popsicles Anonymous /

ask bill of for the manual and parts

Re: Kinetic Mopeds

I have one.

Overall quality lacks, but they are still good bikes. And most quality issues lie in the peripherals.

Parts can be taken from vespas or ordered new.

Life expectancy is the same as any other ped, but most people don't take good enough care of them to figure that out.

Re: Kinetic Mopeds

mine goes soooooo slowwwwwwww but i need and air filter and i have to clean the carb... and i need a new muffler...

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