OT: Into The Wild

throw me a late pass, I know, but I just got done watching Into The Wild, and... wow.

"if you want something in life, reach out and grab it"

reach out and grab this movie if you haven't seen it yet.

Very how I'm feeling, very radical as progressively reflective thinking, and just very fuckin' good.

Any other fans out there?

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I read the book and looked very forward to the movie coming out. While i enjoyed the movie considerably, i gotta say they scew it a bit. It's not a completely butcher job or anyhting, they do what's mostly needed for the screenplay.

One of the biggest factors i feel like they left out is the fact that .... well, let me put it this way

When i read the book. i couldn't get over how unlikable Chris McCandless seemed to be. I sorta felt like if i ever met him in person i'd be blown away by his pretense. The kinda guy that you walk away from and say to your buddies "wow, he was a dick wasn't he"

Maybe it was just me.

I don't know if it was on the radio or some late night TV show, but they were talking about how since the movie came out people have been stripping the bus. Some guy actually removed the instrument cluster and sold it on ebay.

Re: OT: Into The Wild

if you want to reach out and grab an instrument cluster and sell it on ebay...

Re: OT: Into The Wild

That's sad, and one of Krakauer's most oft referenced failing, though he makes an awesome story out of almost nothing, and his alpine exploits are great reading, and his mentor David Roberts is one of my favorites. The risks involved rarely equal the human cost, but it is done, and where the line is drawn is left to a ton of people to read later, unfortunately or not.

We all take risks, and thank anyone that our lives are our own, and left to interpretation. McCandless very well could have been a modern Muir. His writing and life suggests not, but I don't blame him for trying. Krakauer does not suggest otherwise. Read the book. And tourists be damned.

OT: Into The Wild

Just rented that movie last week. Very good movie, true story too. Ironically just watched Alpha Dog the other day also which is a pretty cool movie also starring Emile Hirsch.

Re: OT: Into The Wild

Man, I hadn't heard about the vandals. Just the idea of selling a speedo from the van where he lived to escape materialism is about the most ironic thing I've ever heard.

(American, commercialist, depressing, fucked up, society reflecting, and just maybe the ultimate punchline in his grand narrative)

Re: OT: Into The Wild

also good is ernest rides again. a lesser known ernest movie but definitly one of the best.

Re: OT: Into The Wild

I LOVE this movie!

Re: OT: Into The Wild

well then you're cool by me. puddle cutters seem pretty a okay in general come to think of it. I'd try to make it out there for a rally, but alas, I burned all my cash...

...on booze, not literally (though I'm close)

Oh and not to plug myself like whoa here, but this recent piece I did is along the lines of what was in the movie. I was actually recommended the movie on several occasion based on what I was talking about having reminding people of it, I guess.

Anyhoo, the basic concept of this piece is deconstruction. of the myth, it's weight, and basically me (self confessing and acknowledging sneaker addict) The theme is the certainty of being born into "the cycle" and the best reaction being the realization of one's own greatest risk area and subsequently poking fun at it.

I wanted to use the most impermanent medium to illustrate the short relationship or life of product/consumer relationship, and I just so happen to like etch-a-sketching. I drew the Jordan brand logo centered perfectly (branding) and even layered tonality (my signature, no logo needed) I wanted to erase it halfway and as luck would have it, the head (center for progressive thought), arm (hand in the world), and ankle (Achilles heel?) took the hit of aluminum powder better than I could have hoped for. The resulting image was a happy surprise, how I like to work.

<IMG SRC="http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1243/4210889/12930208/316462113.jpg"; border="0" alt="Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com">

The show will be held in Savannah GA with video documentation most likely to occur. The title is being decided between "Identity?" and "Heterotopia"

Comments welcome, personal philosophy even more so. Sorry for the book.

final thought:

"It's better not to have a preconceived idea of what you want to do, becuase then you can't get pissed off when it doesnt work. Your're just making it up as you go along" - SheOne, seen here:

Re: OT: Into The Wild

Oh and just to comment on what bergw said...

Yea you might have thought he was a dick, but you'd probably think I am too. People that really believe in this stuff have no shame in forcing it on everyone (evidenced by this very post, my last one, and the thread in general) This confrontation causes internal discomfort in the confronted while the confronter probably isn't even considering it a confrontation, but an opportunity. The "problem" is in looking at yourself and not wanting to change while believing (subconscious or not) that there is truth in the change. The only real conflict is with yourself. Here's another quote:

"It is the giving up of self that human beings can find the most ecstatic and lasting, solid, durable joy of life." Death of consumerist priorities does it.

And something personal for you to consider

"Just an average guy, with an average hobby." - from your profile...

Mopeds aren't average, you aren't average. I don't even know you, but who is to tell you what average is, and why are you so quick to conform to those principles? We are individuals. Honda's are average. Classes are for school.

(ideally in super fine print at the bottom of the page)...Hope you don't take this personally, I'm not attacking you. But then you should have understood that by the time you read this sentence, rendering this merely a disclaimer for the illiterate masses so I can cover my hide from backlash.

Re: OT: Into The Wild

Reaching out and grabbing something that's not there is difficult. What's the movie about?

Re: OT: Into The Wild

uhhhhhh, google it


Re: OT: Into The Wild

We just started this book in English class a couple of days ago. sounds like an interesting read.


Re: OT: Into The Wild

toe fur threadkiller /

i just watched the movie recently.

kid was a fuckin' idiot.

Re: OT: Into The Wild

I didn't read what you wrote other than you think I'm cool. Nice Etch A Sketch.

Re: OT: Into The Wild

Thanks Erica. Sorry for seeming preachy, I'm just excited and was highly caffeinated.

It's funny tho, the class motivating all this is called Visual Culture.

So yeah... that response made me totally laugh out loud.

Re: OT: Into The Wild

Nahh, it's cool, i completely understand. I don't take what you're saying as a confrontation.

I just thought he was kinda pricky. personality, not content

It had nothing to do with the why or what. just the way i read the character. Yes, he was a real live flesh and blood person, but it was a story as researched and told by someone else, so I/we missed many of the important points that make up who someone is. I fully understand the concepts of what he was doing, and don't disagree with them.

Think what you want, follow your ideals, i fully support that.

At the same time, when i read Into Thin Air, i didn't see Anatoli Boukreev as the villain. So maybe i never understand what everyone else sees in krakauer's work, hell even boukreev seemed offended by what was written.

I'm average, not in the respect of my ethic, national, or social status. I'm just no better then anyone, nor worse.

Re: OT: Into The Wild

Gooch Warmer /

OK movie, OK book bad idea to glorify a mental patient. The guy had something wrong upstairs, and no I don't mean to give up all his material possessions or roam the country...to go into the woods of Alaska with a bag of rice and a .22? Something was wrong with his thinking and Krakauer tried to glorify him, just like he tried to throw his team/guide under the bus on Everest...

Re: OT: Into The Wild

I'm not highly caffeinated. Totally motivated. Extremely positive. I'll read up on some Visual Culture now!

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