New Ride for Me!

Picked up a 1980 Sachs Prima(?) Don't know much about them, but couldn't pass it up. Swapped for a new BMX bike. It's in great condition. Think I'll ride it to work tomorrow.

If anyone has some basic info on these, I would appreciate any input.


Re: New Ride for Me!

BootyClap Ninja /

moped > bmx

Good trade.

Re: New Ride for Me!

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Looks like ZF Sachs got it's hands on a Pinto and went crazy.

Nice find man! And definitely worth the trade of a BMX bike.

Re: New Ride for Me!

Sachs=Solid. Good deal

The engines are German and most of the controls are the standard Magura and C.E.V. so parts are easy. I'd say the engines are very similar to Puch but not as many performance parts available . The Sachs 505 series engines are among the most elegantly designed imho.

Your first order of business will be to read the plate attached just above the flywheel cover. it should say 505 or 504 followed by 1 (for single speed) then a letter. D=30mph A=25mph B=20mph C=25 (the "c" version is not very common and is just an "a" with a "d" jug on it and is no more powerful than an "a")

mijunkin is right, it looks like a pinto frame and tank with a Sachs engine and covers,. Pintos didin't sell real well and I wonder if there was a warehouse full of Pinto frames somewhere and Sachs just bought them and welded new mounts to them? The good news is it would make it much lighter than the typical Sachs. Cool looking bike at that! Get it up and tunning and it will become the bike you ride when waiting on parts for your others.

Re: New Ride for Me!

Wiff - Thanks for the info. I'll have to take a look tomorrow and see what I'm working with (it's at work). I'm gonna predict "a" or "c" as it seems to only move my tonnage about 25 mph. The chrome tank looks great all polished up. The real oddity is the rear brake is a coaster, something I've never seen on a moped. It seems strong, but I haven't put it to the test. I gotta find a dirt road and see how she skids!

For now I plan on keeping it stock so I can use it while I work on the rest of the fleet.

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