Express exaust/bi turbo

I wanna mod my 78 honda express exaust some how, any suggestions? i was thinking cut it in half and gut it then weld it back together. Maybe also replace the little pipe on the end with a larger one. I was also looking ionto getting a bi turbo exaust system for it and i was wondering where i can get one and how much it would cost. Also, how big of a performance improvement would one give me?

Re: Express exaust/bi turbo

you can get them from a few,,, and mopedjunkyard.con....some1 said earlier that biturbo's are only $40 at there $70 at ikes and mopedwarehouse and $90 at mopedjunkyard.CON

im not sure how much more a express will get out of one but they will probably get alot, my ped did.


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