No keys

Hey I'm looking at a Motobecane (year model not specified) for $200. Seller says he lost the keys. How hard of a fix is this?

Re: No keys

not that hard direct wire ftw

Re: No keys

Front fork lock? Drill that fucker out of there.

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Yep, the key is for the front fork lock only. It is easy for anyone to break anyway so I drilled mine out when the key got lost also. You will have an almost impossible time finding a blank for a locksmith to make a new one, so instead just drill it out and use the money you'd give to the locksmith to get a really good cable lock.


(Someday you may find a used lock & key set and it is easy to install if you save the original retaining clip)

Re: No keys

The electric start won't turn on w/o the key.

Re: No keys

my balls my balls my balls /

sounds stolen to me. I get a copy of the vin and take a trip to your local pig shack and ask the five-0 to run it for you.

How many times have you come across a guy selling a car but ooops, he does not have the keys for it?

Re: No keys

Electric start Motobecane?!?!?! What? This sounds like bullshit. Frenchies?

Re: No keys

Vimy Ridgeway /

No electric start for Mobes. Just an on-off key for the circuit. Hard wire it to 'on' and pedal away to start.

Re: No keys

It is very common to not have keys to a moped's front fork lock. And electric start? Hmm.

Re: No keys

George Smith /

/me pats his electric scooter motor...

screw peddle start :P

Re: No keys

i am going to assume that he is not very smart.

notice all the bad spelling in the ad too?

Re: No keys

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

he's also not good at returning emails/calls. That 40t though is quite nice, but 'spensive!

Re: No keys

You can wire electric starts without the keys.

But mobys don't have ignition keys.

The fork probably isn't locked... Don't worry about it.

Re: No keys

I went to the closest locksmith down the street when I bought my 50V. He picked the lock and then made me 4 keys for it. Now I can lock my fork. It cost $10 so your bike may not be worth it!

Re: No keys

Wow, I was just poking fun at someone being concerned about a lack of a fork lock key, I didn't realize anyone would take my electric start thing seriously.

Harhar, no of course moby's don't have keyed ignition, or electric starts.

Sorry guys:)


Re: No keys

no groms no blasters /

ha ha, there are at least three threads about this bike now.

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