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Ok i just got new battery pack thing for my tomos its the battery pack that gives power to the turn signals and i have no idea how to put it on or how to get it to work,also i just put on a 27 tooth front sprocket andi havent gotten any speed boost whatsover no top end nothing any suggestions would be great.

Tomos Blinker/Battery Issue(s)

Dude..... c'mon.... get some info in your post title.

We complain about this all the time (what don't we complain about?!?)

anyway, Put some INFORMATION in your title. Your blinker problem just might be a post people want to skip. Or maybe they'll just skip it.

I felt like a sucker for clicking a post with no info, so I figured since you "hooked" me, I'd sell you some advice for free.

Add some info to your thread title. People will be happier about helping, and the right people will help.

As for a battery blinker on a Tomos, it must be an aftermarket because EVERY Tomos I've seen has had 'stock' blinkers and NO battery.


Re: Tomos Blinker/Battery Issue(s)

david f martin /

The Revival has a battery.


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