Scooter ID?

Dale Seeley /

Is the QT-50 scooter that I see referenced here all the time the same scooter found in the following link, the FY50QT Key West?

Also, anyone have any experience with the other two scooters on that page, the Destin and Daytona?

There is a local guy who is a dealer for the bikes found at the following website.

They are Chinese made bikes, possibly original manufacturers of some of the small Japanese brand bikes. I know for certain that the Coyote dirt bike is also sold by Yamaha with their panels on it. The sccoters may not be the same as the Japanese models, might be knock-offs, but they are consideably cheaper than the Japanese versions. Please take the time to take a look at them and if you recognise them, let me know.

Again, what I'm looking for is a "excellent bike, good bike, stay as far away from this bike" type of recommendation...

Thanks for your help

Re: Scooter ID?

Dale Seeley /

Okay.... I finally got smart enough to look through the photos part of this website, feel free laugh and offer disparaging comments about my "Is the QT-50 the same as the FYQT50 Keywest?" question... not even in the same ballpark cosmetically....


Re: Scooter ID?

I'm more interested in that "extry-meaty" web site.

Do they deliver?

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