Anyone else work for the moving industry?

I ask, because we send trucks full of stuff, standard 24' budgets, with a driver, to most big cities.

Some small ones too, and it seems I'm always trying to find people to help unload them. 15/hr cash job, if you can get yourself out there.

No lumpers XD, need some good furn guys. If you're one of these, lemee know and I'll put you on the list.

Currently we're looking for dudes in Corona Del Mar LA, and Pillager MN.


Anyone else work for the moving industry?

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

I think Deezy worked at a moving company. Jim

Re: Anyone else work for the moving industry?

I could see that happening.. We've got a guy that sorta looks like him, but way.. way burnt out..

Re: Anyone else work for the moving industry?

if you get anything near milwaukee let me know. i worked for a moving company a couple of times.

Re: Anyone else work for the moving industry?

I have been a mover for many years. I haven't doen it in a few though, as my knees are about shot from it. Too many gunsafes in the basements, pianos and Norge deepfreezers, and pooltables, and hot tubs, and partical-board hell.

So do you know the word for that stuff that doesn't stack well, like plant stands, and coat hangers, and bed rails, and the sort? Around here, and I have met a few more out there that call that stuff "chowder." Just wondered if the word got to you too.

I also am an excellent packer. The crew usually sent me to the kitchen, as the boss said I had more _finesse_. hahahaa

The best job to find cool stuff to bring home that somebody doesn't want. I once had over 20 tv's in my basement. While I was still a mover I ran across the bowling machine I have now, and restored. I like console stereos too. But after the bowling machine I have slowed down on filling my house!

Once I got a 6 place table with all 6 chairs. Practicly brand new. Nice padded swivel chairs too. Light oak table that matches. I think I got that set because the lady we were moving that day set her lawnmower right in the way, on the sidewalk. I was on one end of a huge full dresser, and tripped over her lawnmower, crushing my hands. my pinky fingers are still colder than the rest of my body, all the time. I think she felt so bad about it, she gave me that set.

Oh, and I never used a humpstrap.

Re: Anyone else work for the moving industry?

I don't kow what I'd do without my humpstrap. It's the only way to do these damned new double-wide king sized matresses.

It's funny, you remind me of our 'kitchen packer', though he did a few too many of the wrong drugs, and is mentally scarred beyond recognition. He's the one guy on the crew that I wont work with when he's sober. I'll go out of my way to make sure he gets his morning tall boy, or he shakes too much to be useful. But at one point, I think he was like you.

We use the term "Chowder" mostly for squishy/wierd things that don't load well on their own, but fill holes/can be crammed ontop of the load. The plants and loose crap we wont take, unless we're packing the job. And by wont take.. I mean we'll make a big deal about how we're not sopose to for various reasons, then do it anyways to make them happy.

Was tipping as excessive out there as it is in Colorado? It's a strange day when I don't get at least a 20 in the field, and the best I"ve personally got was 70. Straight 100s aren't unheard of.

I work in the office mostly now... as warehouseman/assistantdispatcher/phonebitch/budget Truck Rental employee.

It sorta blows, but at least I get my hours every week this way.

Re: Anyone else work for the moving industry?

Deezy, I moved too. I moved every day I wasn't in school from high school to college. i hated the wear and tear on body, but $$ was better than anything I could get. I now know how to move a baby grand wih two people, two pads and wont tell any one local tat I know cause F@#$ that shiznit. I move only my best friends. And I protest alot. Zack, I'm not moving you to Boulder:)

One time, I fell off a walk board carrying a fully loaded 4 drawer file cabinet. I think that was my last day. fell on my leg and shit I couldn't walk without a brace for 4 weeks. lost my stupid job... I think I was stoned at the time.

mopeds rule.

See you in Kzoo. You coming?

Re: Anyone else work for the moving industry?

I'm a mover in Ohio been on the job for 5 yrs i can load and pack.

Re: Anyone else work for the moving industry?

Yep tips were given, but sorta rare. I got a hundred dollar tip once.

The worstthing is movong a garage full of cat pissy stuff or mounds of mouse crap flying. carrying a piano across a yard of 2 foot crunchy snow.

Re: Anyone else work for the moving industry?

My best moving moment was with a huge projection TV. It was the day after the company christmas party, so the guy I was with was wrecked..

It took us a half hour to get it out of the house and onto a wheeler, and that was With a hump strap.

When we got there, it needed to go into the basement, which wasn't going to happen through the house... carpeted walls around the stairway!

There was also a good 10" of snow around to the walkout basement, which meant no wheeler, no setting it down, and potential slipping.

I didn't think Lonnie would be able to do it without the first two, while still not managing to pull off the third.

I told the customer we could put it in the garage, or I could do something stupid.

He voted stupid.

So I broke down a wardrobe, put a pad on it, taped the front up to make a plow... and hauled it work-horse style through the snow, down the hill, and we caried it the last six inches and into the back door.

It was beautiful.

Anyone else work for the moving industry?

I was a mover for a summer. Hiilarious job.

I always got to drive since I was one of the few with a clean record. I also got to do all of the deliveries for the local high-end furniture store. I got those gigs because me and another guy were the only clean-cut dudes of the bunch. I also got stuck with all of the 4AM departures since I was the only one reliable enough to make it.

I still remember working with a heroin addict that would be sweating like crazy before we even started working.

A lot of crazy stories in that job. Broken stuff, stolen stuff, tight quarteres for the trucks, stuff left on curbs since the customer was so unreasonable. Ahh, those were the days.

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