Help! with EBR forks on Pinto

Tony - Baltimore /

So, first thing I notice is there is no bearing raise (raze, race. rase, I have no idea what the actual word is) It is the curvy thing at the bottom of the trippple tree that allows your bearing to lay in it.

I called my favorite moped shop and had them send me one. Now my dilemma is that the 3rd pole on the trippple tree seems a bit too long (about 16th of an inch) for me to mount the top nut tight.

Question is what did everyone else do? Also, did you move to a larger set of bearings? The stock Pinto bearings seem to be too small.


Re: Help! with EBR forks on Pinto

Moped Game Sally Struthers /

theres a washer that goes just before the nut that is about a 16th of an inch. it might not be on your ebrs, but on your old stock forks.

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