Take the Poll.

Lets take a Poll.

Do you ride a Ped to save Gas? Or becauses it's Frecken Fun?

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fish_SHARK /


Re: Take the Poll.

both i like peds and i got rid of my truck to save the $1800 a year for insurance

gas wasnt much of a problem cause i only had a little nissan 2400 it got like 28 mpg

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I.R.E. Mike Pee /

How about because I don't need insurance, a plate, inspections, or a helmet _and_ because it's great on gas _and_ they cheap to begin with _and_ I can fix them myself _and_ they're just cooler than lameass cars.

Re: Take the Poll.

Fun, if I rode to work I would get rear ended bad.

Re: Take the Poll.

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Fun. Saving money is just gravy after that.

Re: Take the Poll.

Definitely fun. I think I use more gas having a moped than I would otherwise. I got it for riding to class. If I didn't have it for that, I would walk (no gas required.) The times when I get to ride it around town definitely don't make up for all the moped-fixing-related errands I ran (run) when it's broken. Then if you want to count driving to rides on top of all that (rides I wouldn't be driving to if I didn't have a moped) ...

Re: Take the Poll.

My moped is my only wheeled transportation, and it became necessary because my knees were giving out and bicycling was not as much fun .. and because I can't afford a car and probably would not have one anyway because of environmental considerations .. and I also bought it thinking I could use it instead of Greyhound to visit my family around Ontario and across Canada .. which I have done.

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Moped poet. How far has someone gone on a Ped without a break down was going to be my next Poll. And it sounds like you have driven a bit on yours.

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Cleats Onionpockets /

Both, but mostly for the fun.

Re: Take the Poll.

I definitely bought it for fun to begin with, but it's occurred to me that it saves me a ton of gas and time (as opposed to walking, or riding the bus) it also makes some trips more feasible. A great thing to have in a city like Minneapolis.

Re: Take the Poll.

I bought mine last year with the intentions of saving on gas and to have fun. I'm having so much fun saving gas I don't know which I enjoy more.

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I ride for fun.

What I really wanted to post:

"I ride Your Mom for fun!"

But that would be juvenile wouldn't it?

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i ride peds strictly for fun. before i would just ride my bicycle everywhere. money hole. totally worth it.

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peds are toys..toys are fun.

/but you can get killed having fun, you have been warned.

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King Drunky JCams /


Mostly for fun.

Re: Take the Poll.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

Re: Take the Poll.

You seem to really be into people's mothers lately, Wiff! hahahaa

I ride my moped because it rides me.

I ride my moped for fun.

I ride my moped to show off and look cool.

I ride my moped because gas prices are so high.

I ride my moped because Wiffleball's mother is so hot.

I ride my moped because it loves to be ridden.

I ride your mother because she pays so well.

I ride my moped because it's better than walking.

I ride my moped to the end of the earth, and look over the edge at that tint spinning wheel that just floats out there.

I ride my moped out in the country when I am overtaken by sadness, so I can cry in the wind.

I ride my moped for cheap thrills.

I ride my moped because it's the right thing to do.

I ride my moped when it's the wrong thing to do.

I ride my moped from lilly pad to lilly pad. (Actually I don't know any girls named Lilly.)

I ride my moped for freedom.

I ride my moped naked.

I ride my moped spontaneously.

I ride my moped because I am so darn tough.

I ride my moped for beers.

I ride my moped to turn on the ladies.

I ride my moped to make people wnat to ride one too.

I ride my moped while playing my accordion.

I ride my moped to save the world.

I ride my moped to enhance my awareness.

I ride my moped.

Re: Take the Poll.

I ride cuz its fun.

I ride because I hate cars.

I ride because I can't ride a full size motorcycle.

I ride because I don't need a drivers license.

Lastly..I ride to save gas.

Re: Take the Poll.

I ride because no matter how bad of a mood i am in i can hop on and within a block i have a shit eating grin on my face that no one can wipe off.

So i show up to work happy and get home happy!

Re: Take the Poll.

I still have a year and two months before I get my license and mopeds are just too much fun to begin with.

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i bought my first bed because i'm a closet treehugger, and i take these 1/2 mile trips to the store almost daily to buy cigarettes or milk. I figured in the summer why the hell would i need to drive my car just to do this.

turns out they're loads of fun too.

Re: Take the Poll.

I ride my ped to save $, and it sux to walk, and riding my bike to work sux 'cause it's mostly up hill the way there, the way home is fun though. Fun, well I haven't talken it much for just a joy ride as of yet, but I am sure that will be fun.

O/T, Bergw? how are you a closet treehugger and smoke??? Just curious?

Re: Take the Poll.

He leaves the closet door open, maybe?

Re: Take the Poll.

i ride mine so i can annoy elliot ALL DAY!

i ride so i can sit in a hospital and not have to work.

i ride because mopeds are more reliable than fords

i ride cuz i look like a bobble head in a helmet

i ride so others have something to laugh about.

i ride cuz i love to burn money.


Re: Take the Poll.

oddly enough, i'm a vegetarian too, so lets add another one to my hypocracy :)

About 5 years ago i tried to change many things about my life, i even quit smoking. about a year ago i had one at a wedding and that pretty much tossed the smoking thing out the window for me.

So i guess i didn't really quit, i just stopped.

I'm working on it. you know, if i hadn't known everything as a teenager and fully realized how much smoking get ingrained in your mind, i never would have started ... 20/20 right.

It's not even the nicotine that's the problem when quitting, it's the "what the hell do i do now"

Re: Take the Poll.

I ride for both reasons.

Re: Take the Poll.

ride moped for fun.

ride bicycle to save gas.

Re: Take the Poll.


Re: Take the Poll.

Its nice when im broke and the change in the couch will get me to work.

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