Welcome to the Army. Got the peds.

Hey everyone,

I started looking into mopeds recently and found this community. Great stuff on here.

After figuring out the kind of things to look for and what bikes to get, I finally landed on a great deal (thanks, www.crazedlist.org). Today I drove 6 hours round trip and picked up two bikes in pretty beat up shape.

1978 Puch Newport and 1974 Puch (Newport?)

I don't know much about mopeds, or automotive mechanics at all really... But I'm really excited to get started on this and figure it all out. I'm hoping to fix up the 1978 using the parts that I need from the 1974.

Thanks to a lot of people here and some great advice, I've got a pretty good idea of what to do. ... Kind of...

Does anyone have a manual for this bike? I have some Puch manuals but not for the newport.

It looks like I'm going to be on here a good amount, I'm looking forward to being a member of this community here. You are all really helpful and I hope I'll be able to do my part. I'll keep you updated with my progress on these bikes.


welcome to the army

Re: Welcome to the Army. Got the peds.


Prepare for an addiction you will never overcome and will burn a freaking hole in your wallet like theres no tomorrow.

Get those babies running and come to a rally. Should be easy as puchs don't require much to get moving.

Word of advice: If you have a question I would use the search function FIRST before posting a thread. Especially for Puchs (so common), you will probably find what you are looking for that way much faster.

Enjoy your mopeds. Pics would be greatly appreciated :]

Re: Welcome to the Army. Got the peds.

It's okay if you don't know much about mopeds or mechanical stuff now. You'll learn.

You don't need a Newport-specific manual. The Maxi Manual will work just fine. It's the same engine and the same frame. I think the only differences between all the Maxi versions are just cosmetic or a difference of how restricted it came from the factory.

You're probably going to want to clean the carb. break>

You should also read Fred's Guide (And by read it, I mean read it, print it out, memorize it, recite phrases to small children, and keep a copy in your wallet at all times.)

If you want to know what things look like, Mopedjunkyard has excellent exploded diagrams of all the parts on your moped. 1977mopeds does a really good job categorizing and photographing parts, which is useful as well.

Wikipedia and google are also good resources to search for explanations of things you don't understand. Old posts here (just search) will help bring anything you learn into a moped-specific context, but they're also a fantastic resource in general. You can learn pretty much anything you need to know from people on this site if you spend enough time here.

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