19?? Columbia Commuter

Ok so I got a free moped? Scooter - I'm new to this. I'm normally into vintage snowmobiles :)

Anyway - it's a Columbia Commuter - saw a pic of a maroon 1979 that looks identical - same color. How do I verify thats the year / model?


Also there's a gazillion levers on this thing - what does what and where can i find a manual!!?!?!?

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

Well the two levers that should be silver are the brakes. The black one on the left handle should be the clutch you need to hold that in while you either push or peddle start along with the kill switch in the run position and if you have a manual or auto choke if necessary. I have a tomos so I have no extra levers I am just going by my friends ped.

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

Moped. Come on, what site didya think you were posting on? _Scooter_ Army? :)

"You asked about a manual?":http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/6/124528/124141/

Does it have a VIN plate anywhere? A lot of mopeds will have the year info stamped in the VIN plate. If you really want to verify the model, you can post a picture of it, but it sounds like you're already pretty sure of what you've got.

Happy riding, and I warn you now that mopeds can be addictive!

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

Ok that makes sense - There is a lever on the left but when I pedal it on the stand it is acting like a brake...might be something loose/outta whack there. What is the little black lever for on the right handlebar?

Thanks for the info!

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

you might have a choke lever, or a decompressor lever

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

I have a 77, but there's a decompression lever as well as a clutch (they are both black, under the brake levers), you need to pull on both of them while you are kick starting. Also make sure the petcock is turned straight up, so the gas is flowing and the kill switch (the round silver thing) is set to "run". Mine also has a plate with the vin number/year on the gas tank near the seat where you can find the year and what not...

Also, if you do a search in each of the forums you can find a lot of information about these bikes.

Good luck. i love mine, i hope you like yours too.

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

Sweet thanks for the manual link -

I got some pic's - here's one I think I can just attach it and it'll work?

It seems the metal piece that rotates with the pedals on the left side as you're seated is hitting the coil = which the coil I can tell is loose or mounted in wrong spot. I got a little tinkering to do but this thing is awesome...

And don't worry - I know they're addictive. You should see my vintage snowmobiles :)


Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

Jake Shaughnessy /

or the right ones a choke. take off the air box and pull the little one on the right in and see if it chokes it. It is just a little piece of plastic that will move.

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

Ya that seems like the way the levers are -

But when I pedal Pedal and pull that decompressor lever I'm not even getting a sputter - Besides being a decompression it engages a clutch inside? Almost feels like it's acting like a brake so either somethings gummed up or???

and I can't get that manual to load thats on a prior post on this thread - I know this thing'llrun - did a year or two ago I guess...

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

yeah sorry, choke. the choke is on the right and the compression lever is on the left.

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

typically the set up of sachs is that the clutch lever activates both the clutch and decomp. The engines don't turn over terribly easy. The inertia of rolling down the road is sometimes necessary. Check the flywheel and make sure the engine turns freely but the pedal start mechanism has very little mechanical advantage so on the stand they do create a lot of resistance. Sachs is a good solid engine, but as a sled guy you're probably quite familiar with the name.

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

Ya i kinda laughed when I saw Sachs - I don't own a sled with one in it but still recognized it.....

I'll have to check that decompression lever - seems loose like it's not working so we'll see what that turns up...

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

On the right top there is the on off switch, plus the choke on the bottom. The left side bottom engages the engine. Also the lights and horn are on the top.

Otherwise peddle like hell!

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

Ok I got it to turn over...It wouldn't fire so I checked for spark...NOTHING :(

Coil's.....where to get??

Re: 19?? Columbia Commuter

ok never mind - found the coil on ebay for 25ish with shipping...not bad???

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