2stroke oil questions.

first off about how much oil should i be adding to my tank? (for those with their own motobecanes to answer most likely) i've been putting about 2 ounces of 2stroke in each gas fillup.

which brings me to my second question/problem. normally i fill up when i think i'm getting a bit low (which is probably only at about a half a tank because it's hard to see how much fuel there is left in a moby) i always put oil in it just in case. is this a bad thing to be doing? should i try to run the tank down to just about nothing before i go to fill it up? or should i continue as before and only add oil every other fillup or something like that?

what could happen if i have too much oil added? i know too little could seize it all up.

i'd appreciate any posted/emailed assistance you have to offer.


-moped army-

RE: 2stroke oil questions.

HI DAVE, It`s best to mix your oil and gas in a container, to get EXACT measurements. Too much oil will foul plug and gum up carb , but will make your bike sluggish. Contact a AMSOIL DEALER and ask about there 100:1 synthetic mix.....no matter of ratios or bikes, saws, ect. this one bottle, used as directed, works great! I have 1 jug that I use on my 7 AMF MOPEDS and 2 bicycle motors, 2 Tomos, 1 Trac all different ratios, same can of oil mix. Doug

RE: 2stroke oil questions.

Simon King /

Dave, I've had luck with my motobecane mixing anywhere between 2.5 - 3.5 ounces per gallon. I think that it runs best right around 3 though. You're getting a bit thin there at 2.

I definetly agree with Doug D., whenever you can try and mix in a container. I know that Caleb has a 5 gallon tank at his house that he just fills up with every couple of days...that's the slickest way to do it.

Remember, you're always better with a little too much, then too little.

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