oversized tires on a yamahopper qt50

Ok I need 2 tires for my hopper. Front is 2.00 rear is 2.25x14--tires as u know are very hard to find in a decent tread pattern. Will a 2.25 tire and tube fit in the front to ride safely. and if so has anyone riddin the 2.25 front and rear combo and what is ur take on how it steers/handles with the slightly wider tire on the front? Thanks

Re: oversized tires on a yamahopper qt50

i have matching 2.25 x 14 tires, and the speedometer is making bad noise now. im switching back to the cracked 2.00 x 14 to check on this. rides fine though, but im 200 lbs and we'll see how long the little forks can handle this...

Re: oversized tires on a yamahopper qt50

Try lubing both ends of the cable with bearing grease. Tires would not make an issue with the spedo unless you went with a much taller or low profile tire.

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