New to mopeds - hi!

Hi, I'm Lance. 22 from Plymouth, MA. I'm looking to buy a moped soon.

I have my eye on one a little north of boston. Guy wants 800$ firm for a 1977 Puch Maxi. It's a 50cc, 2 stroke, from talking with the guy and the pictures it looks pristine! Seats two, 2 HP engine, factory decals in place. Says it has 500 miles on it.

Wondering if it's a good deal? I know it's hard to judge by a description and without seeing it, etc, but it sounds good to me.

When I go see it, what should I be looking for? The obvious, same stuff as when you buy a car. Oil leaks, frame alignment, etc. Obviously take it for a drive. Anything else? Is it too expensive?

Thanks for the help, and I look forward to posting here more often.


Re: New to mopeds - hi!

I would try to get something a bit cheaper for a first moped. Seems a bit on the expensive side for just a Puch Maxi, even if it is in mint condition.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

Puch Maxi is a great bike: Attractive, reliable, easy to work on, great performance parts, and best of all: cheap and plentiful! The bike would be a great ride for a long time but $800 is pretty steep. Check around a bit, I think you can find it cheaper. Welcome, happy hunting!

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

Yeah that's alot, unless you are the collector type really into having a cherry stock bike, but it sounds like you are looking for a daily rider, so you may want to pass this one up.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

I feel it's a little steep too. The whole thing is I'm getting about 8k in bonuses at work, and I have absolutely nothing to spend it on. The mopeds that I've looked at in the 400 or so price range aren't in as good condition, or need a brake cable or something along those lines. One needed a clutch, some don't run.

I'll go and look at it regardless, and might buy it if it strikes my fancy. What should I be looking for as signs of badness?

Also, is there a better place than craigslist around to find mopeds and stuff based on location?

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

I just found a Puch Korado on CL. Any suggestions on that? The guy wants 725, maybe I could talk him down a little.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

You didn't say you were rich, you might as well buy a brand new Tomos Streetmate. You'll get a warranty and all that jazz.

It's like $1700 brand new.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

Or a reliable Sprint for only $1,000 brand new...

Probably better to buy this brand new for $1,000 than a 30 year old one for $700-800.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

Kuso that fellow up in Reading is a good egg. Some of his peds command a bit more then others selling "comparable" bikes, but he doesent sell crap, which is a really good asset when looking for a bike.

Id buy that Korado in heartbeat, thats a cool ride and possiblites are endless for upgrading on that.

Also there are new tomo's on craigs, but they are more money. Plus the cheap ones are all purple LOL ( im joking there are some other colors.

Have fun.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

The guy with the maxi in Malden is not the Fellow in Reading. I dont know him.

Thats a nice bike but i think too high as well. I offered him 350, just assuming its got tires on it from 1980, and needs the usual run around. Its worth more up here in mass if its got a clean tank and all that stuff. Id stretch and say if it is what he says , its worth 600 bucks, 550 if it needs tires.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

I Don't think there is a better place, as far as the moped goes, it is about 30 years old, nothing is guaranteed. I always look for an engine that turns over smoothly with no weird clunks or rattles. Otherwise see if it starts up nice, on a Maxi especially bring a small flashlight and look inside the tank to see any rust. No Matter what I'd be taking the wheels apart and re-greasing them.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

Wow, thanks for all the help!

Lets say that I do end up buying a Tomos Sprint brand new; what's the potential on upgrading that? I do decently with car repairs and such, a moped should be a little easier.

Also, anyone in MA know a good place to buy 'em?

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

potential for upgrades are actually pretty big (well compared to my 2) u can get kits 65-80cc ?, pipes ,and carb all with no welder just bolt on junk

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

I spent 800 on my puch maxi but it was$250 on the scoot $165 for the 70cc Athena kit $77 on a bi-turbo exhaust $40 bucks on new gears $120 for a bigger carb and intake and another $40 for the hi-comp head, 40 bucks on all new cablesanother 35 on new tires and tubes seek the rougher stone somebody go to have the fun of gettin it just rite

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

What? No. Don't listen to these tomos people. Buy that Korado right now.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

claude cycles in foxboro is a tomos dealer he is kind of a dickhead but he knows what he is talking about when it comes to bikes

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

craigslist under mass, moped

should be tomos up there

dude if your good with tools, buy the korado!

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

nah the only thing good on a korado is the engine the rest is crap besides its made by jawa anyway

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

end of story. take money, get in car, buy this


Re: New to mopeds - hi!

dude, i'm 22 also and very into modifying cars and such...

...but if someone is handing you 8k and you seriously are having trouble finding something to spend it on... DONT spend all of it... invest it somewhere, turn it into 16k or 32k a few years down the road and use it as a down payment on a house or something. or put it into a retirement account.

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

He's right...go short on spending now, end up with long term gains! Buy something used to learn on, and go from for the usual spooks on CL, Bill is in N. Reading...really really quality restorations, but kind of overpriced considering if you're willing to put some work to it, you can get the same quality (maybe not the same shine though!) runner. Malden dude sounds like Tom, and he sold me my first moped...his prices are a bit more reasonable and he's a nice guy. I still would buy something that's a bit of a fixer-upper though...I bought my Magnum for 450 and ended up selling it 3 years later for closer to double - it ran when I got it but was in need of a serious cleaning, which I did slowly and carefully. It paid off not only in monetary returns, but also in the fact that I did the work myself and learned a bit along the way...

- P

Re: New to mopeds - hi!

Wow, I appreciate all the replies! Lots of good advice, thanks.

I think I'm going to go with pf19's suggestion and buy a brand new Tomos Sprint. I've read great things about them and doing a few bolt-on mods seems pretty easy and cheap. For a few hundred more than what I was originally thinking for something 20+ years newer, it seems like a pretty good deal.

I know I ask alot of n00b questions, but here's a few more; What kind of mods does everyone suggest? There are a few options for diplacement upgrades. Biturbo seems to be pretty popular as far as exhausts go. If I'm planning on modding it, should I break the engine in first?

But I do appreciate all the help and replies!

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