Thanks Hippy!!!

Im getting ever closer to finishing my sebring/puch excite bike!!! Thanks for the pipe and the new carb Hippy you my homie fo life.


Re: Thanks Hippy!!!

fish_SHARK /

coolio, its a fun pipe

Re: Thanks Hippy!!!

that hippy is a good dude.

Re: Thanks Hippy!!!

Perfekt Timing Angel /


Did you do the Baltimore Tattoo convention, Mark?

Re: Thanks Hippy!!!

Naw i was working :( The tattoo shop is RiverCityTattoo in richmond va. but im moving to ATL real soon to Memorial Tattoo everyone should go there and get tattooed bc that means money in my pocket and food in my belly!!!!

Re: Thanks Hippy!!!

post some progress pics of the bike dude

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