Calling all TOMOS and AVANTI OWNERS (Garelli Too)

I am going to start a Site/forum just for those brands.... The forums and such should be up by the end of thise week. teh site.. in a week. So, whos going to join.. Its going to be about Proformace tweaks, general Discussion, FAQ(Help) crap liek that. Also, I am goig to have reviews on the site about rpoducts.. so, whos going to join???

Re: Calling all TOMOS and AVANTI OWNERS (Garelli T

I might if I end up buying a Garelli Super Sport soon.


.. united we stand ...

.. you know the rest.

Re: Calling all TOMOS and AVANTI OWNERS (Garelli T

Keep it here.... Just make an appropriate thread title, and stash all your discussions under that header. Use sub-threads to splinter the discussion.

If you need to, (like in a slow week) dig up some good information or a photo of a nice bike and "bump" your thread to the top.

I'm a Tomos owner, love 'em, but I'm staying right here. If you DO get a lot of good info, I'll come steal it and post it here.



Re: Calling all TOMOS and AVANTI OWNERS (Garelli T

Wait a minute- some of you guys only use one forum?

There are about 10 out there, and 4 good ones.

Hell, I started one on delphi forums, and all I did was refer them to this site. It got a whopping single post in the past 5 months.

The other forums are also the easiest way to get ahold of Don-O, if you need him for something.

Re: Calling all TOMOS and AVANTI OWNERS (Garelli T


Your idea is ......well "icky"!!!!!

Re: Calling all TOMOS and AVANTI OWNERS (Garelli T


A good one.


Re: Other Forums

Hey, it can't hurt to visit other forums... if we don't actually bring the people here, we can bring their information and ideas.

So, Mbartell, if there are a few 'quality' forums we should know about post 'em. I'd like to say hi to Don-o, as well as compare the kinds of posts and concerns..... see if the other forums are the same keyword thread topics as they are here.

I'm a loyalist, but if there's more information.... if we're ever going to make a magazine "fly" we'll need to know all the moped haunts on the WWW--- and stay on top of them, so our "News" is NEW not old news.

I wonder if we could get on Manufacturer mailing lists... IKE---do you get any good news about mopeds before we do??


roight on!

stevecore /

yeah dude im with ya sounds fuckin fabulous! email me if ya need help or anything!


Re: Calling all TOMOS and AVANTI OWNERS (Garelli T

Mope Head /

Heh heh heh. Good one Ike.

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