Yamahopper QT50 Oil question


I have an 86 Yamahopper QT 50 moped. I just got it and I was wondering what kind of oil I use in it. Im guessing a 2 cycle oil but im not sure and wanted to check before I add any.

Also, there is an oil spot on the side of the engine, is this for gear lube? If so, what kind do I use. If not, what is it?

Thanks alot!


Re: Yamahopper QT50 Oil question

You add 2 stroke oil to the oil tank by the seat.

Check it each gas fill up .. don't let it run out.

The motor has oil that you can drain and change.

You can use any car oil or ATF in it ... (yes.. ATF)

Usually the filler hole on the motor has instructions for the quantity and type of oil.

Re: Yamahopper QT50 Oil question

i use tcw3 2stroke oil im not sure what the difference is but thats what the manual says

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