What kind of moped to get?

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first ped? get a puch. easiest to find parts for, most simple to work on. want a classy sexy ped? get a motobecane. want a fast super potential, easy to find parts for speed machine? get a pugeot. want a headache? get any other brand.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Puch = easy as shit to find parts for. Easy to make fast. Great beginner moped as they are really simple yet reliable.

Go with puch. You'll be glad.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

You want easy to find parts and easy speed potential? Get a Tomos with an A35 engine.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Andy, gimme a break. The Vespa is a classic. But I'm sure we all have our biases. As long as you can get it to run (even if you have to dig up junk used parts), you'll get the fever once you're humming down the road.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

I rock a puch maxi given in trade for a road (petal) bike I win. inthe cours of a winter I kitted the engine up 20cc new exhaust (biturbo) and portmatched intake new carb from basic putter to a near fifty mph driver for aroun four hundred bucks and all the wrech work was mine the peds a very service friendly it's all about what you want too do. but whatever you want to do you should be on a puch

I digress, I can not speak to a wealth of moped knowledge (which I do not have) I can tell you about my ped and how mch fun I had working with the 1977 mopeds guys on makinig a machine that could change oppions in my comunity maybee others. get a puch they are easy to work on, 90% of the parts you need are available 50% of the time

Re: What kind of moped to get?

I think a puch maxi is a fantastic choice for somone seeking to learn about wrenching on a moped.

Parts are easy to easiest if you dont count tomos

Peds are bone simple

well made

easy to understand

potential to upgrade is almost unlimited.

I love motobecanes and like pugeots but would not rec them to a first timer , but if they were real good with electrics maybe..

Anything with a minerlli motor on it is reliable

have fun

no jawa's

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Puch or Vespa. Both reliable and easy to work on and easy to find parts for.

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thanks for all of that good input you guys. It pretty much sounds like the opinion i had been formulating in my head already. Puch, tomos, peugeot. Easy to get parts for and lots of knowledge on how to pimp them out (forums here)

It seems like people are starting to charge 600+ on craigslist for well-kept puchs though. Whenever someone is offering a nice one for, say, 350... I end up being the next guy in line to the guy who buys it. I want to pay 350 for a nicely maintained stock puch. That sound reasonable?

I feel bad skipping over some great deals on things like derbi's etc to look for a puch, though

Derbis are supposed to be very fast, but hard to get parts I'm assuming. Is that correct? I found one for 250 in good shape.

Either way I'd prefer to go for a Puch, but it seems a bit tough to get my paws on.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

get both.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Not Sachs for sure, my first moped. Parts are hard to find, the performance ones even more difficult. Puch will be my next moped;

for the sheer availability of parts and performance upgrades

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Derbis are very nice. I've not ridden anything like them. Parts are not as easy as puch and performance parts are very expensive, Mine does 40 with only a pipe. Sachs are easy for stock parts, Handy Bikes has your hookup there, performance parts are getting scarce though. Buy anything cheap and keep your eye out for a Puch, you will enjoy it. Also look for a Murray, Sears Free Spirit, or JC Penny Pinto. These are all Re-Badged Puch Kromags. It's the same engine as the Maxi but with a removable tank. (and in the case of Murray a really bad paint job). These bikes won't necessarily fetch such high prices from those not in the know, and the lighter weight frame is a favorite for custom builds.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Just buy the first one you see.

Your not buying a new car here, you can't just choose the make and model.

especially in Vermont.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Actually, according to my highly unscientific calculations, Vermont has the highest percentage of moped owners (moped owners/state population) at 0.0141649%

I would keep that post in the Buy/Sell bumped, or just start another titled "WTB Puch in VT" or something. I would be very surprised if nobody comes up with anything for you.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Hey thanks for all of this advice.

Wiffleball, I had pretty much been ignoring Sachs, Murray, JC Penny and Sears. Mostly because I didn't want to buy a moped from a place that also sold my moms clothes.

As far as picking a bike though, I'm sure I'd be happy with anything that I got pushing me up a hill... but after a week I'd be begging for more speed.

My perspective is that Puchs are the easiest to make nice and speedy with performance enhancements (not to mention all of the documentation on how to do it), Derbi's come pretty fast right off the bat and so do Tomos.

How are Motobecanes when it comes to speed and performance enhancement?

Linda, thanks for the heads up. I'll bump my Buy/Sell topic and Maybe even add a new one with a more direct title.


Re: What kind of moped to get?

if you have a lot of puch to choose from then get a puch but when i first started out i would take anything with two wheels and a motor.as time goes on your collection starts to grow.

its really hard to go wrong with puch or tomos

Re: What kind of moped to get?


Re: What kind of moped to get?

Get the kind you can get serviced where you live .. where there's a dealer where you can get parts.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Wha? No Sachs?!??! Mark if you can get a Sachs with some mag rims and the square "D" jug get it...the other 5-series models I will agree don't produce the ponies to warrant the purchase. I was thirsty for that 2-speed model for sale in the buy/sell forum but was short on $$$, other than the fancy wiring and weak clutch Sachs peds are solid.

Re: What kind of moped to get?

Motobecanes can be had in A,B,and C versions, the a being the fastest, you also want the variated one. Do a You Tube search for "Crazy Mobylette Turks" They can be made crazy fast but some of the stuff they have is custom built I think.

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