PUCH DS50 So Many Questions???

Any idea what year?? Where can I track down the ID number? What's the fuel mixture? How fast will it go on a good day?

This poor little Puch sat on Craigslist for a year and a half, it had been converted to a trike by a local hippie. A friend bought and got hard up for money. I rode it as a trike. Starts on the first kick, but had a top speed of about 12mph as it went down the road sideways. I'm in the process of converting it back to wheels.

Any info would be a groove!!!



Re: PUCH DS50 So Many Questions???

I'm not positive if Matt knows, but he may. Call up or ask Motor West Inc break>

He deals with many Puchs. Oh and fuel, for sure would mix 50 to 1 with Amsoil Synthetic, and run the best that way for it. I'd say that thing should do about 40 to 45 mph maybe more. I could be mistaken though.

There should be a Sears and Roebuck tag/emblem rivited to it somewhere. That's the # ya want for a year. I don't know how to tell the years on those, but Matt may be able to look it up.

Looks like ya got a ways to go to make it original again.


Re: PUCH DS50 So Many Questions???

Your transmission would be alot like mine too, so do as I do....

Run that same amsoil straight in the tranny, after ya flush it out.

Re: PUCH DS50 So Many Questions???

what bike is that in the background?

Re: PUCH DS50 So Many Questions???

Thanks for all the info, it does have an allstate badge over the horn grill but no other Sears markings. It does however have the Puch badge on the side, but stupid me, I left that info at work. The bike in the background is my 75' GL 1000 Gold Wing.....man does not live by single cylinder alone! In fact the GL was my first bike in 20 years, ya know raise a family, kids in college, wife finally desides I exspendable. I sold one of my hearse and had money and needed to spend it before my wife got a hold of it. I also scored a job at a motorcycle recycling yard, and that started me up on small bikes again. A G2 Kawasaki came thru the shop, I had to have it. That was my first street legal bike as a kid, I was 13 and New Mexico would issue licenses for 10 hp and under. So I bought the Kawi, it like the Puch is a work in progress. Both the Puch and the Kawi run and I hope to have one or both road worthy in the very near future. The DS was a hippified trike and I road it before I bought it. All in all, not bad for $50!!

Thanks again!



Re: PUCH DS50 So Many Questions???

motorwest motorcycles has parts for those

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