SACHS 504 timing ?

I try to find the exact timing on a SACHS SUNDDANCER 1981.

On the magneto MOTOPLAT i have 2 arrows on the flywheel Strator.

I dont know which one i need to use to do a good timing ?

Do you have the GAP for the BREAKER POINTS and for the timing ???

I need to check the timing, when it star it very good, but at 21 mph (top speed is suppose 25 mph) the sound of the motor change(pinging) and i feel i can go faster !


Re: SACHS 504 timing ?

Look for a notch on the motor's case, at about 11:00

that's your timing mark. the first mark on your flywheel is where the points open, and the second is for TDC.

You can either pry the points to adjust the timing, or loosen the screws that hold the strator plate, and move it around that way. After you get the timing where you want it, remove the screws one at a time and use thread-lock on them. If you don't thread lock these screws, they will come loose and wedge somewhere you don't want them.

To Mbartell

Hey MBARTELL, what is the best timing on SACHS 504 ?

I try all the way and i didn't see a big difference !

What is the gap for the breaker points ?

Re: To Mbartell

I don't really know what the best timing is, that really depends on your set up.

I think the gap is supposed to be .4mm.

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