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Hi All, Great forum! My wife and I want to get a moped for country picnic trips, low speed day trips, etc. There are several questions I have and need suggestions regarding which models and names of dealers in NYS.

First is a model that will support our combined weight, 240 for me and 120 for my wife. Second, the issue in NY is that if it goes faster than 30mph you need to get a motorcycle licence .

Is it realistic to consider a sub-30 model, and if so which ones for comfort, reliability, etc.

Or if not, which makes should we look at?

Thanks, Jeff

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holdin up 360lbs no moped can go 30mph...but for holdin up alot jawa 210's are powerful

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where in new york are you located jeff????

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when i registered my ped they didnt ask the top speed , i think it is classified by the cc not speed, 49cc is a moped, so even if it is a scooter that goes 45 like the metropolitan as long as it is 49cc it is classified as a moped. i would suggest a scooter because i think there is also a law in ny that prohibits you from having a passenger on a ped. but a scooter is ok. ny is very confusing! anyway i would go for a 49cc scooter like the metro1 or a vino. by the way where in ny are you im in binghamton and would like some people to ride with.

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chuck russo va /

hey, i think a scooter would be your best option, the price tag is a lil high but they can carry 2 people and have a ton of performance parts for them

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Alternate789 /

Can a metro carry 2 people? If it can't I imagine a second seat could be added if the back bar were lengthened, so you could mount it on that.

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Chuck, What's the difference between a Moped and a Scooter?

What 49cc/ sub 30 mph scooter could carry my wife and I (360pds combined)?

thanks, Jeff

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