motobecane wont run!!! help

Today I bought another ped. my garelli is almost complete. Its a 1978 or 79 Motobecane Mobylette, yellow. It wont start or run, I checked the following. We have spark, New gas/oil, no clogged fuel lines, sprayed carb with gummout, clean air filter, clutch, and decompression lever work. The only thing I can think of is tat the time-ing is screwed up. I tried to get the rigt hand side cover off, but it wont budge. It has a hole for a 3/8 inch drive ratchet. Can any one give me any ideas on how to get the cover off, to tell whats wrong with it, and how to re-time it. Thanks! FK

Re: motobecane wont run!!! help

Did you check to make sure that the exhaust is not plugged up somehow? And if you have starting fluid give it a little spray of that.

Re: motobecane wont run!!! help

I tried spraying the carb, Im pretty sure the exhaust isnt clogged. Its a verry clean bike, I can feel the compression coming out the pipe. It has 2234 miles on it only! thanks

Re: motobecane wont run!!! help

do the compression test....put ur finger in the spark plug hole and have some1 try to start obviously wont start but if it has good compression it should blow ur finger out

Re: motobecane wont run!!! help

A little while ago I had the same problem with the magneto cover. See the <a href="">thread here</a>, and my eventual solution <a href="">here</a>;.

Search through the forum for timing information - or check out <a href="">Fred's guide</a>. Good luck.


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