sachs plugs

...what are the sachs people running,... plug wise?....the napa dude sold me a ngk bp6hs...(but mostly they're morons)....sound right?...

Re: sachs plugs

Kevin Barrans /

yeah, that's right.

Re: sachs plugs

I'm running a champion 811 or L86. The bosch platinum that I tried- works for most people- wasn't that great.

I went out and bought about 6 plugs, and the champion worked best for me. Search, I posted my results, but it was a while ago.

If they won't cross reference stuff for you, tell them its for an air cooled bug-- Same plugs.

Re: sachs plugs

....i got a champ 811 awhile back, and the plug wire would'nt snap on (plug end to big) i'll give the platinum a go i guess....what's the gap....030 or .024?...thanx..the sachs is running about 35 nowso that's good!'s that bi turbo doin'?....

Re: sachs plugs

bosch 4214 is the one I found. I really based my test on wich one gave me the biggest spark outside the engine, and which one gave the best acceleration.

The bi-turbo is working great. I finally got a UNI foam air filter, and took it out for a nice long ride. It's better, but still a slug on take-off. The top end is soooo much faster. I still need to order a speedo. cable from handy bikes, but that can wait- I'm going on vacation for a week, starting Thursday.

35? Man I bet that feels a lot better than 25. You still using that proma pipe from the honda?

Re: sachs plugs

...yeah,...35 is way good!!!..and im pretty happy now. yep, i got the proma from the honda to work on it ...after some die grinder action and bench grinding i came up with 3 or so pieces to get the right angle on it ...cut the mounting tabs off, and fliped it over and had it t.i.g. welded up, made some brackets and presto...i think it looks like it was made for a sachs....and it seems to help out 2boot.....and a touch quiter than that damn straight pipe.....

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