Tomos top speed !?

I have a TARGA LX 1999 with a BULLET exhaust and a speed sprocket. The top speed i have with that is 38 Mph to 42 Mph!

It is the normal speed or it suppose to go faster ???

I have the original Jet on the Carburator and a NGK B6HS !

Thank's !

You're within the curve.

Reeperette /

With a 27 Front Sprocket, a 22 Rear, and a "Bullet" Exhaust, you are well within the proper performance curve for those upgrades.

Being that you're near the top RPM limit and the end of the gearing, further performance increases should focus on getting more power per stroke, rather than across the range.

Some ways to do that ?

Boring/Speed kit - a hassle which really isn't worth the investment, not for beginners, as it requires a lot of expert nit-picking to get it to work right without self-destructing.

Bigger carb - Not a bad investment, still a bit on the pricey side, but a lot simpler than the kit, and works by delivering more fuel/air per stroke.

Transmission Modification - Can be done, but it's an experts-only kind of job, this would allow a different gearing range, but for the inexperienced, messing with the Tomos transmission is a disaster waiting to happen.

Right now you have a nice, simple system which is delivering a pretty reasonable amount of performance, and remember, your brakes are only rated for 30mph, so you are also reaching the top limit of their effectiveness.

As it stands, probably best not to mess with it, because further upgrades are tricksy, not truly cost-effective, and can really turn around and bite you if yer not careful, so unless you're hell-bent on squeezing even more of out your 50cc and damn the cost, just let it be.

If you really must, go with the bigger carb.


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