moped repainting

I'm going about to repaint the chain guard and fenders for my Batavus Bronco and I plan on repainting the whole frame after I get all the replacement decals made. Anyone have any advice?

From what I understand you just sand the parts, prime it then paint with the color you want in several light coats? Anyone here familiar with the proper way to do this?


Re: moped repainting

Hi ,the subject has been brought up before . Do a search on here. Painting, painting moped ,etc

Re: moped repainting

....if the paint is in pretty good shape and there is no rust, you can get away with sanding, primeing, and painting. if it has any rust, or the paint is edgey,... sandblast, and metal etch the bare metal, then you can put a coat of epoxy primer/sealer on,....then a coat or two of primer surfacer, (if your going with a non metalic or non pearl paint) can 'cut' it with 220 dry....lightly! let it sit a few days (to let the prime shrink)...then sand it with 400 wet/dry paper, helps to put a little soap and water in a spray bottle, while your sanding with the 400 wet. if it's base/clear paint, then lay down light base coats ...just enough for covrage. then two light coats of clear, and one medium/heavy coat....should be fine. if your side covers are plastic, then you might wanna put a flex additive in the paint (like on new car bumpers).....but plastic is pretty much gonna be a bitch, if it does'nt have paint on it allready.

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