Top speed and questions

I picked up a 2001 Tomos Targa LX last night and havent really got to let it fly yet. What is the top speed i should be expecting. im 170 wet.

Also, Im going to buy a 27t sprocket and biturbo exhaust. Will I need to "jet" the card or will I be fine?

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Top speed and questions

Cleats Onionpockets /

Expect about 30-35 or so

Re: Top speed and questions

put a 22t on the rear also and upjet.

Re: Top speed and questions

Ok, I bought the biturbo and a 27t sprocket from twowheel offroad on ebay. Cool guys over there by the way. What jet should I use. 56??? I really have no clue. And I plan on doing the 12mm mod when the parts come in.

Re: Top speed and questions

Yes, you probably want to check the jetting in your carb. You will likely need a larger jet than what you've got. What size do you need? We can't say. There's no magic formula that will give you the jet size you need. Figure out what you've got in there already, and buy a range of sizes that are larger than what you've got. Start with the biggest one and work your way down to smaller jets, doing plug chops with each jet change until your spark plug looks good. If you run a search for this info in the performance tuning section, you'll find enough reading material to keep you busy for the next month. There's good stuff there, you just have to look. (Also read the wiki on performance tuning if you haven't already.)

Re: Top speed and questions

thanks ill do that

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