my indicators dont flash why?

hi i have a jialing easy rider cj50 1997 model and my indicators dont flash.i cant seem to find a flasher relay on the ped.does any 1 know where to look for it or is there some kind of pick up sensor mounted for them some where.what i dont understand is there is only 1 wire coming out of each indicator,where as on my cbr bike i have 2 wires on each indicator.if any 1 can help me solve this i would be grateful.

many thanks john.

Re: my indicators dont flash why?

You have only one wire because the metal of the bike acts as the other wire or ground. And the blinkers on cars aften have dual element bulbs and serve more than one purpose such as blinker/parking light or blinker/brake light. On a moped a blinker is a blinker not anything else.

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