Quick moterbecane carb?

kevin at 420 /

Just a quick ? about the float on my 1978 50v . The float has a pin thew the center, one end is pointed the other is rounded. whitch way is up? I would look at the manuel on this sight but I'm working off a web tv and can not change the res

Thanks in advance Kev

Re: Quick moterbecane carb?

Matt Wilson /

The needled end goes up.

If you put it in upside down you'll leak gas everywhere.


Re: Quick moterbecane carb?

kevin at 420 /

Thanks matt :-)) just got done with the cleaning as I type, this time I know better to put a fule filter in line so I will not have to pull the carb again any time soon !!! Stay Cool Ride a 50cc Peace Kevin

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