carburetor fouling plugs...jet size?

I trased 2 plugs already on my garelli, I installed a new one ran it , then took it out. It was all carboned up. About a month ago i re did the carb. It has a delorto 14.12 sha carb "can be seen on website". Anyway it has a #72 jet. The guy from the web site said that its way too big. He said the standard jet is a #51 or a #53. im etting a 65cc speed kit soon. Im running it wth a uni aircleaner, and a polini racig pipe. I planed on using the stock carb and gearing until I get more money. Since im not gonna use the stock jet and I dont want to blow the 65cc kit up, what size jet should I get for the stock carb? thanks!

Re: carburetor fouling plugs...jet size?

hows the polini pipe helped your bike?? Polini Pipe for the Gareeli VIP eninge?

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