Ok, heres the situation-

I can buy a used 1977 Garelli Super Sport for very cheap, right near my town. The only problem is the head and piston have already been taken off b/c they needed to be replaced. Now I could replace the piston with a stock piston kit -OR- Can I just put a 65cc performance head and piston kit right on? (instead of replacing with stock) This would be extremely convieneint.

Re: Ok, heres the situation-

you do know you have to have another cylinder too right? can ya get a garelli kit? ,, personally I'd save up for a scooter..Rog

Re: Ok, heres the situation-

david f martin /

Rog, what are you driving? Mine's an '87 Honda Elite 50S. Pretty ratty looking, but runs like a top.


Re: Ok, heres the situation-

At mopedwarehouse.com they have kits with the head and piston and cyclinder and all of the rest of the parts in one kit.

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