Replacing Tomos Turn Signals

After the last time I dropped my Tomos the rear turn signal broke off. Since then I have installed a rear rack trunk and have been considering wiring a nice set of signals and attaching them directly to the trunk. I figured they would be more noticeable directly on the back.

I went to a local automotive store and searched in the electrical section for some small turn signals that I could attach and then wire up to the existing system on the tomos.

The only thing I could find were what were termed as Clearance Lights which were in various shapes and sizes.

They basically have a bulb, Yellow Lense and one wire coming out of the back.

Will these work as turn signals (i.e. will they blink) and also since they only have one wire coming out of the back, how do I wire this up to the current system on the tomos.

Re: Replacing Tomos Turn Signals

hi just thought i would let u know my own indicators have only 1 wire coming out of each 1 and i cant get them to flash.i bought my cj50 easy rider last week with the indicators on it and when i got it home and had a good look at it thats when i found there was only 1 wire on each 1.i know this does not solve your problem.hope u get yours sorted.


Re: Replacing Tomos Turn Signals

david f martin /

If there's only one wire coming out of it, that means the housing needs to be grounded. Attach a wire from one of the mounting screws to the frame of your bike.


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