Piston Antics'

I need to put in a new piston/rings in a Garelli Super Sport. I can get the kit at mopedjunkyard, but how difficcult is it to do?

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i think you should get it from a differant place....mopedjjunkyard is a RIP (i think)

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Where else can I get parts?

Re: Piston Antics'

Check the mopedwarehouse. I've seen some nice deals there, and they actually let you call and order things. That mopedjunkyard makes you mail, fax or order thru their page. No questions allowed that way. Chris at the warehouse is very knowledgeable, friendly and won't sell you something that won't work.

Re: Piston Antics'

mopedwarehouse.com----ikesbikes.com-----email bornagainscooters@mail.com

Re: Piston Antics'

JON wrote:

>but how difficcult is it to do?

It isn't difficult .. but if you screw a few things up .. your new parts can be ruined.

Go to 'resources - articles' above .. and read 'Freds guide' about .. "Installing piston and rings"

Then ask questions if it isn't clear.

Also .. you really need somebody to determine if you need the P and R in standard size .. or oversize.

(this is based on how badly the bore has worn .. or how damaged it might be.)

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