Can't find filter foam

..... yet .....

Went to 5 places .. auto departments at 2 large retailers ... 2 chain auto parts stores .. and 1 hardware store.

The hardware store has a LARGE sheet of filter material intended for air conditioner units .. about 18" x 24" .. for $2.19 .. might use that if I can't get the Filtron filter foam.

Going to go to a traditional independant auto parts store next .. I think they'll have it.

Or I might try a lawnmower place.

The original Suzuki filter in the FA50 has degraded to the point that it falls apart when you touch it .. and was crumbling and being swallowed into the motor as a 'dust'.

Probably 10% gone .. (along with the dirt it had stopped years ago ... yuck).

Got to get some good stuff in it.

Re: Can't find filter foam

david f martin /

My aircleaner element was falling apart like that, a couple of months ago...

I removed it, and stretched and cut a shop rag into its place...

Oughtta keep gravel out, at least.


Re: Briggs & Stratton

I use a filter element from a lawnmower when I need to make one.

They are about two bucks at K-Mart, the closest discounter to me.

I wouldn't use air conditioned material as it may not be resistant to gasoline.


Get yer phone book.

Reeperette /

"Rocky's" up in Flint MI has exactly what you need, and also carries a great many other parts you might be interested in, Fred.

They're listed as an outdoorsy type shop, but in reality they're one of the best cycle shops in the state.

They carry tons of Mikuni Carbs, Parts, Moped and Cycle tires, Riding equipment, you-name-it.

They'll probably have exactly what yer lookin for.


Re: Get yer phone book.

I got that UNI filter for my sachs, and it had an additional pre-filter cover on it. You could measure your filter frame, and figure out what size of pre-filter you could use. If you got the right one you could just slip it on- no rubber bands or anything.

Should have something like that at a dirtbike shop, right? only thing is, most arn't open till Tuesday.

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