I just have to say........

I just have to say most u guys ar ebieng pretty gay outta of about 15 times i was the only of whom u didnt reply at alll other post have had 15 replys thats pretty messed up

RE: I just have to say........

Ron Brown /


If you are squirting out two cycle everynow at 20 mph, you need to find out where the two cycle everynow is coming from and stop it.

If this sounds like a dumb answer, re-read your question and you may figure out why you have no replies.

Try to be specific about your problem, everynow is not a good place to start.


RE: I just have to say........

Ev Jay... I just went back and read it... and guess what... You didn't actually ASK a QUESTION.

...You just made some statements... and if I look at it there are about 5 different questions that you could be asking all at once.... where do I start.?

Vague statements are hard to respond to.

Ask maybe ONE clear question every other day and people will answer.

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