penalties for not regestering a moped

i was curious to know of what the penalties are if you get caught not regestering your moped. would the police give you a ticket? do the police even care? do they even know the laws? is there any police officers in this thread that knows? i am just curious because i would rather not pay the money if i didn't have to you know?

Re: penalties for not regestering a moped

What state are you in ? bruce

Re: penalties for not regestering a moped

david f martin /

What state do you live in? Some states require registration, some don't.


Re: penalties for not regestering a moped

in massachusetts its a $100 fine for riding an unregistered moped

Haha, They nailed me for sure.

Reeperette /

It's a $100 fine here in Michigan, just about.....

I got bagged cause I didn't have the decent sense to check when I bought the blue rocket (Tomos Sprint) and it completely escaped my mind that the sticker was several years out of date.

I then had the misfortune to be stuck behind a bored cop in heavy traffic, who just couldn't resist hassling me about it, and had the nerve to lie to me about the fine not being mandatory.

It was no great issue, but cops as a whole are very likely to hassle a moped rider, especially if mopeds are not common in your area....I should know, having racked up a couple tickets (mostly overturned) on mopeds in my time.

"Speeding" - 41mph in a 25mph, overturned when I brought the manual to court with me, since it says that's not possible.

"Improper Operation of a Motor Vehicle" - L ater that week, giving the same two cops the-finger as I passed em at the 7-11, since I took one hand off the controls to do it, paid that one.

"Improper Operation of a Motor Vehicle" - Pulling a wheelie down Jack street, and not noticeing the damn cruiser backed up in an alley I passed, got thrown out by a judge who found it just too ludicrous to enforce.

"Running a Yellow/Red Light" - Did not wish to get punted out into the intersection by the SUV behind me, which had happened earlier that week, and blew through a yellow/red light, got thrown out when I brough the manual to court with me, since it indicates the stopping distance of the vehicle is 100feet @ 30mph.

"Expired Registration" - The aforementioned incident, paid on the condition that the officer be reprimanded for lying to me.

So yeah, cops can and will be jerks about it,


Re: Haha, They nailed me for sure.

I dunno, here in CO the registraion fee is only 5 bucks. Why not just pay it and enjoy yer ride without having to look over your shoulder all the time?

....just a thought, my one for the week....

Re: Haha, They nailed me for sure.

ya...ill be due to register my ped again soon. i told one of the people i ride with about the fine, and i think hes gonna register his ped soon


Re: Haha, They nailed me for sure.

i live in washington and you have to regester them to be legal, but i tried today and they said i need a noterized bill of sale from the owner and that may be a little tricky to get. so far i have been riding around cops with no problems.

Re: Haha, They Didnt nailed me yet.

I have An suzuki Fa50 Thats Not Regesterd. And so far by taking the back streets i have avoid most of the cops in my town. But there that chance i might get caught.

Re: penalties for not regestering a moped

I wouldn't suggest doing that if you live in Canada. I was stupid enough to be driving my scooter (which is classified the same as a moped in my province) without having it registered and got caught. Here's what the fines were:

1000$ driving without insurance

100$ driving a vechicle without up to date tags on the plate

50$ driving without a license.

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