Sachs 505 Decompression Release Velve

I'm wondering what the signs might be of a decompression release velve being worn out. Mine seems to leak a bit and sometimes makes a funny noise at about 20-25 mph. I'm beginning to think that there is some kind of seal inside that eventually wears out. Any thoughts on this?

Re: Sachs 505 Decompression Release Velve

There is an o ring in them, but it's on the threaded part. If you'r really skilled at taking little things apart, you can re-build it. The most important thing is that you have to get it back together right, and not bend it around too much. You would also have to find a stronger spring to pull the valve shut.

I think handybikes has them for around $12- $15

It's easiest to just buy a new one.

Thanks mbartell...

I'll take your handybikes advice.

Re: Thanks mbartell...

Matt Wilson /

If it isn't working you'll see smoke coming out of it.

It also makes a buzzing noise if it is open while hte engine is running

Re: Thanks Matt...

I've got a buzzer but not a smoker quite yet.

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