Re: 650 mile ride in 1 day

Where's Bryan from Myron from?

Re: 650 mile ride in 1 day

>> "Where’s Bryan from Myron from?"

His moped army username is b_of_m

Here are some of his long distance route maps:

Re: 650 mile ride in 1 day

That's exactly what Bill is going to ride. I'm riding a '72 Yamaha CS5 200cc two stroke twin = 22hp @ 8500 RPM. It tops out at just under 90 mph. Here's pic. Thinking about riding my PA50 next year.


Re: 650 mile ride in 1 day

I just bought a Honda Express to ride around when I'm at my away terminal in Peru IN.. If you're serious about riding a PA50 next year, I'll bring my Express!! Bob

Mopeds on a scooter ride

Chris Slamminson #116 /

To ride in Ontario, your moped must be insured.

Re: Mopeds on a scooter ride

Yeah, same here in Ohio. If it has a motor, you have to have a title, licence, registration, and insurance just like a car or motorcycle.

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