Bank robber ride Puch.

This guy must be a bank robber why else would he have a sack of money?

This picture comes from an ad where people are doing verious things on their puch, like picking up groceries, I don't know what this guy is doing, but it looks like he's a robber


Re: Ahead of the game

Saw a fat guy on a Puch like this one once.

He had a a windshield on it, flags, baskets and a trunk.

The baskets were full of aluminum cans

The guy in the pic obviously already cashed in his cans!


Re: Ahead of the game

Perhaps he is taking his money to the bank to get a deposit... Or he could have been withdrawing it... But what you said is still better then what I said...


Re: Ahead of the game

Nahhh look at the tools in his pocket- he a moped mechanic.... very rare.... and valuable

Re: Bank robber ride Puch.

Reeperette /

That's all the gas and insurance money he saves by riding a moped instead of cage-pushin.

As for the tools, any mopedder with any sense packs his tools, just in case...


the only right way to steal

on a moped :)

Re: Bank robber ride Puch.

HA! That`s the happy bastard that works on them!!!!!! Doug D

Re: Bank robber ride Puch.

I think I'll get saddle bags like that big $ on them.

Might get the moped stolen tho.

Re: Bank robber ride Puch.

InfectedBootSector /

Haha. You can get a gold chain to match...

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