PA50 II headlight won't work

I have a 1983 PA50 II. When I purchased it only the headlight and taillight worked (no turn signals or break lights). The headlight bulb burnt out once, and I replaced it. 1 day later neither the headlight or taillight works. Any suggestions? There is a batter on the bike, but I'm sure it has been dead since I bought it. Would this have any effect on the headlight?

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Re: PA50 II headlight won't work

if the light turns on when you switch your moped to ''on'' or ''run'' then it is run off the battery, if it is then it wont run when the batteries dead. you should either recharge the battery (dont know if your kind can be recharged) or buy a new one.

Check your wiring harness


I have a 1981 PA50II and from time to time when I'm working on it, one of the wires (particularly the yellow ones) will become disconnected either inside the headlight assembly (what a rat's nest!) or right above the engine.

Take apart the headlight assembly and make sure that everything is connected (all colour coded so it's easy to match up disconnected wires).

Remove the plastic covers and examine the wiring above the engine. You might have to drop the engine to get a good look at all the wiring.

Have you tested the bulbs and made sure that they are still good?


Re: PA50 II headlight won't work

The headlight only runs when the moped is running. (When it was working that is.) I have checked most of the electrical connections, and they appear to be good. There is, however, one black wire in the headlight assembly that does not connect to anything. Is this normal? The bulb is new, by the way. Should the headlight be dependent on the taillight working?


Re: PA50 II headlight won't work

Are you sure that bike has a battery ?

No PA50's I've seen have batteries.

Here is the deal .. you might have burned the new headlight out again .... YES .. if ONE bulb goes out (head or tail).. you need to replace it immediately (or un-plug the other light) ..

Why ?.. because too much electrical current then goes to the other bulb when you reach high RPM .. and burns it out .. new or not.

I hope thats not what happened to you .. remove the new bulb and try it off a car battery .. (for just a second) .. if it doesn't light off a good batery .. it's burnt .. sorry.

Taillight bulbs are cheap .. headlights are not.

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