Hate to lose on ebay

.. haha ... it sucks when you see an item you want and anticipate for 4 days that you might get it .. for a 'steal' price.

I hoped to get a pair of small Mikumi carbs WITH reed valves .. they started at $15 total for all 4 pieces... a steal for good carbs with good parts availibility.

I started bidding with about 6 minutes left .. and I ran out of time while still at $30 .. I would've gone up to $40 or so.

Should've started earlier .. or bid higher sooner.

These carbs were probably 12 or 14mm .. off a twin cylinder 125 .. perfect size for a ped .. with the nice big reed valves to go with them.

Somebody hand me a tissue. .. :^)

<img src="http://ebay0.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_7035ce2bc1c35f2dbf64c41c49f8b8ba/i-1.JPG">;

Re: Hate to lose on ebay

Dale Seeley /

You might not have lost if you used the 'proxy' bidding. Input your maximum bid, in your case $40. Then it will start you at just enough to win (the $15) and only increment when the bid goes up. That's probably why you ran out of time, you were bidding against the computer program that would outbid you instantly and increment just enough to keep you in. They might have had their limit set at $39, you would have won....

Re: Hate to lose on ebay

InfectedBootSector /

I always submit a proxy bid about 10 minutes before the auction ends.

Re: Hate to lose on ebay

i didnt get the rear rim for my moped....still looking for one. if anyone sees one on ebay please tell me


the &quot;Magic&quot; carburetor

Yeah .. Sometimes I use the proxy bid deal.

In this case .. my computer (or server?) was running real slow that day .. so every 'click' on the bidding went at about half speed it normally does ..

... That .. and I guess I had to be forced to admit I would have gone to $40.

I was really hoping for $20 to $30 ... and was thinking I'd get them for that.

I was wrong .. somebody else also knew the worth of the stuff.

It's the case of the "magic carb" .... 80% of the world doesn't really know how carbs work and are intimidated by their own carb(s).

They ALWAYS assume a 'new' used carb will be better than what they have too.

It may well be worse than what they had ... but since carbs are 'magic' .... they'll pay some ridiculous money for them.

And the fact is ... their own carb just needs cleaning anyway .... (and so does the 'new' carb they just bought ... lol !)

oh yeah ... carburetors are ... m a g i c !!! ... wooohoooo! ... hehehe ... :^)

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