No 2nd gear in transmition, wont shift!!!

I was having some trouble with my 81 garelli super sport xl: Float was stuck oped fixed that, No spark, plug was shot , gotta new one. Leaked transmition oil, Got a new gasket.

So for the transmition I changed the transmition fluid and added 1 quart of 10w-30 motor oil put the new gasket on, I let it idle for 10 mins then put it away for the night. 2 days later today, I take it for a ride and it wont shift into 2nd gear revs the engine really high and it only hits 20 mph, I was getting 37 mph before! I put some slack into the clutch cable , thought it might be grabbing and causing it to do this. The tranny can take about 1/2 quart more oil. my side cover has a hole for the drain plug, but the threads are stripped out! So to add oil I have to tak the cover off, I have a siliconed pny over the hole. Im going to check the transmition now. Is there anything I should be looking for when look at the gears, what actualy makes it shift into 2nd, or is it the factthat it needs more oil? Any help is greatly appreciated. THANKS!!

Re: No 2nd gear in transmition, wont shift!!!

Oil should only be filled until it runs out the side plug. Generally, you fill from the top and when it starts to run out the side hole, it's the right amount. If you have a stripped drain hole, you can buy a special drain plug "fitting" at most automotive stores. It's hard to explain how it works, but it does.

Re: No 2nd gear in transmition, wont shift!!!

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Larry's right, Frank. I've got an '89 Garelli myself. With the bike upright, you should fill the tranny 'til it comes out of the side hole. A pain in the ass. You kinda need a small funnel. I used my wife's turkey baster. Was she ever happy about that.

The plug Larry is refering to is rubber with a metal wingnut/washer assembly through it so that, after inserting it in the hole, you can tighten the wingnut and it will expand the rubber plug. It's similar to the drain plug used in small boats and comes in a variety of sizes. You may have to "whittle" it down to make it fit.

Also, I'm not sure about your bike but you may want to make sure that you use Non-Detergent oil in your tranny. The detergents in todays oils can erode lots of rubber parts. The true mechanics on this site can give you the details but I remember being told very specifically to avoid detergent oils.

Re: No 2nd gear in transmition, wont shift!!!


It sounds like you have over filled your transmission, and that will cause it not to shift. I don`t know much about Garelli`s but a quart of transmission fluid sounds like a lot to me?? I am sure some Garelli guys can tell you for sure but that sounds like to much?

Re: No 2nd gear in transmition, wont shift!!!

dood ... I don't really know anything about Garellis ... but it sounds to me like you have way too much oil in there.

Most ped trannies are only supposed to have like 3 or 400 cc's of oil in them .... (thats about a third or half a quart).

... and some of them will NOT shift right with too much oil.

Re: No 2nd gear in transmition, wont shift!!!

ok I got 5w-20 oil, im going 2 put 1/3 of a quart in ,fill up to drain plug today. I m also gonna work on getting one of those expanding drain plugs. Thanks every one 4 ur help.

Re: No 2nd gear in transmition, wont shift!!!

My '80 VIP uses 12 ounces (350cc) of non-detergent, SAE 30 oil. Got mine (Coastal brand) at AutoZone.

Its fixed!!!

Put 1/2 quart of 20w synthetic oil in it. Started up and took off. It shifts perfect!! Thanks to everone who helped. Now I have to wait for my polini racing pipe and polini 65cc kit to come in the mail. Thanks again

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