Faust... Question.

Are there alot of rescritcions on the Cosmo Avanti. I just brought a Polini pipe.... so I am hoping for some proformace out of that... also.. what is the baffler in teh exhaust, you mentioned in one of your posts?? Did you make the bike lighter by taking all that crap off???

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the BAFFLE is the piece inside the muffler that makes it quiet. unfortunately (as you can see in the picture)the stock baffle is VERY RESTRICTIVE. I don't know how the one in the aftermarket piece is, so I couldn't tell you if it would help to remove it. My bike came stock with an expansion chamber type exhaust. but the baffle inside the muffler had a hole about the size of a drinking straw for the exhaust to exit out of...

what I REALLY want is a proma style (true expansion chamber) exhaust. I think I may be able to modify one made for a Tomos to fit. got fired from my job for sleeping with my boss lady, (guys, I don't care if your boss lady is GORGEOUS like mine was, and horny like mine was, keep it in your pants. She came to my house and threw herself @ me, then fired me because I wanted a relationship, and she wanted to screw some of the other guys in the kitchen and keep me on the side...) so I gotta wait until I can get the bills payed first. then I'm going to be back hard at it working on making my baby faster...

If you know how to do exhaust porting, that may help after you've done everything else to it on the outside of the engine. if you DON'T know the whys and hows of exhaust porting, DON'T MESS WITH IT. get a pro to do it. Porting after you've done everything else has the potential to DOUBLE the horsepower. It also has the potential to RUIN what power the engine is already making. In extreme cases, even preventing it from running.

I will be glad to help you with any information I have that can assist you. fell fre to e-mail me if you want. The Cosmo is a learning experience for me. I still like my Tomos I had, but there are no Tomos dealers down here. I think the Cosmo has potential, but I gotta work with it and experiment like I did with my old Targa.


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nice... i will tell ya how the exhaust

'nother question for Faust

david f martin /

Mmm... where did you say you got fired from? I could use an additional part time job. My boss is pretty ugly.


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you gave up a hot lady??? that ended up making you give up your job??? have you been sniffing the carb cleanor again???? lol

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