A cat just clawed up my seat!

I went outside just now to notice that the cat who hangs out around my building has been sitting on my seat, and clawing the hell out of it.

There is a big rip in the back, and a whole chunk taken out of the front of it, around a inch into the foam.

It's really disappointing since I have two mopeds, and that was the one with the <b>perfect</b> seat on it. Now it looks worse than my other one. Nothing I could of done about it I suppose; at least it wasn't vandalized by a person.


Re: Orange peels

Cats don't like citrus, so any citrus product will repel them.

Even lemon scented Pledge will keep them away.

A Honda Hobbit a neighbor threw out had been damaged by his dog chewing the wires.

Funny thing was, all I did was repair the wires and hook everything up per the color coding, and off it went!


Re: Cats and Couches

We just bought a nice leather couch, and we have two cats who live with us. From the way thry act, you'd think they were roommates who pay rent.

We try to explain to them that they're rotten little ingrates, and with no job, it's very irresponsible for them to damage our furnature. Being stupid cats, they don't seem to get it.

We've been clipping their claws twice a week but we're still worried about them clawing it up. It kind of sucks, having a nice couch!! We don't want to get them declawed, but one scratch mark, and they're off to the vet.

As it is, we built them some nice furnature, and put some old furnature down there in the cellar. So they have their own apartment in the cellar with water. We only feed them when they get put down cellar...so when we get home, they cry like mad to get let into the house.... then they cry and cry until we feed them and lock them back down cellar.

We've followed the Pavlov method and they think the cellar = food...so they love it down there.

When I watch CNN, I realize people aren't much different than cats. It's all in the 'conditioning'.


Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

Mope Head /

I've got some old longspring leg traps. Lemme know.

Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

what kind of seat is it?

Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

SteelToad /

I'm thinkin a cat-skin seat would look pretty cool <G>

Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

i have 2 cats....but they dont claw up my seat (luckily).....i went to my sisters house last night and got in a fight with her cat. its not full grown yet but my leg was bleedin a little and bite marks all over my hands and legs. i let it bite my hand on the floor and spun it around fast....but it wouldnt let go. then the cat wipped out some jackie chan stuff, and leaped about 4 feet and lached onto my leg. thats one tuff cat.....kicked my ass....thats $$10,000 stuff :)


Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

SteelToad /

Jacie Chan as a cat, that's just plain funny to think about (lol)

Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

I love cats. Have had many in my life. but what 'tom' did to your seat would be grounds for catchin his little ass and turning him over to a good Vietnamese family for Sunday dinner...

Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

Just hope he dosn't spray it too. Nothing smells worse, especially as it burns off your exhaust pipe.

Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!


Maybe "El Gato" is trying to let you know you're not the owner any more. Alley cats have been known to carry weapons, and be involved in gang activity.

My cat stole my moped, once, and ended up with two tickets (driving with no licence, and passing a school bus). I had to pay both tickets, because like most cats, mine are very lazy, unemployed, and only looking for a "Free Ride".

Like Toonses (the cat who could drive a car) my cat is also a terrible rider. I was suprised he didn't lay the bike down, or run into someone.

If it's anything like the cat dave (in the earlier post) is messing with, you could be in trouble.

Trapping a cat like that... probably he'd chew off his own front leg and beat you with it. Better off trying to play "Twister" with a wolverine....

Seat damage/conspiracy/cat of the week

Okay, some of the smarter posters might have figured that my cat didn't really steal my moped. without thumbs, he has a hard time with the throttle, so I gave up trying to teach him.

And even though Simon thinks he's seen a cat, it could very well be some kind of mutated chapucabras. they have catl-like features, and sometimes cross-breed with feral cats. Simon--did you see any UFO's in the time frame this seat mutilation occured?

Okay...enough nonsense. But, I really did see a video clip of "pinky, the cat of the week" on a public access/humane society channel. Well, despite pinky being "cat of the week" he got nervous....and got kind of freaked out by being leashed (I mean, how many cats are used to being leashed??)

the woman helping tried to pin down the cat in a wax covered cardboard box-- it looked like the kind we used to get green peppers delivered in, at the pizzaria.

this REALLY upset pinky, because he was leashed, thrashing, and the efforts to put the box over him would basically choke him, due to the leash.

Well, Pinky showed what he was made of. He proved he was "cat of the week" material. He clawed his way up and around and around and up and around the guys leg, and gave him a horrible bite.

To me, it looked like Pinky bit the groin arrea, specifically the upper, inner thigh. But, if this guy had low hangers and it was a hot enough day.... Pinky probably bit him right square on one of his nuts... pointy little feline teeth... geez.... yowtch. He SCREAMED and you could almost feel his pain.... a real Aaaarrrrrggghhhh sound.... he made it like twice then kept mumbling painful things.... that's when pinky made his escape.

This is no lie, and I KNOW other people have seen this clip--- it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

A Motobecane seat; the long version.

Re: Seat damage/conspiracy/cat of the week

Mope Head /

I've seen this one Wayne, and you're right. His scream is one that made you really feel his pain. And, as painful as an inner thigh bite might feel, I think from the sound of it that Pinky "struck gold". That is one of my favorite video clips.

Kinda reminds me of when, as kids, we used to put cats in mailboxes. Not an easy thing to do but man, when the mailman came to deliver the mail it was great to watch him open that box. We had our mailman so gun-shy he would kinda bang the side of the boxes before opening them.

Hey, but now I love cats. Well, it really depends on how they're served.

Oh Man..Laff of the day...

Reeperette /

Now that I've picked myself up off the floor here..

You guy's make me laff myself silly sometimes, I tellya.

Anyhows, I got four cats, all rotten-spoiled, too damn smart for their own good, and fairly pyschotic...believe me, if they had opposable thumbs it would be our ass as a species.


Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

InfectedBootSector /


There is a product on the market for cats and dogs called No!

Its in a spray can and smells terrible to felines. I used it on a couch I had and it worked great! Kept the cats off of it.

Did you moped sit in the sun? The cat probably liked the seat because it was a dark color and was heated by the sun. They get all comfy when they get warm and tend to claw at things to sharpen their death grips.

Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

No, the seat as in a shaded area under a tree, but in this heat she probably was looking for cool, not sun.

I'll look into that product. Am I assuming correctly that it doesn't smell terrible to humans too?


Re: A cat just clawed up my seat!

InfectedBootSector /

Nah.. It smells ok I guess...

what I would do it tape a paper towl underneath the seat and spray it down with that stuff...

That cat should never come back...

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